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Posted on June 5, 2017

Curly Hair: From Wild To Gorgeous

Beauty/ Hair

Everyone likes curly hair and knows curly hair looks awesome! That`s why the girls with naturally stick-straight hair always envy the naturally curly-haired girls as anyone with curly hair has heard at least once in a lifetime, “Your hair is so wonderful, I wish I had curls!” Read more


Posted on April 30, 2016

Happy Hairstyle Appreciation Day- Irresistible ME

Beauty/ Hair

Today is Hairstyle Appreciation Day and what better way to celebrate this day then by styling my Irresistible Me clip-in hair extensions. To be honest my hair is important to me and how it looks throughout the day is crucial to my confidence. I don’t know many women who enjoy having a bad hair day! haha! To create this style I sectioned my hair in three parts starting from the bottom of my head. Read more


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