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Posted on October 1, 2017

Jeeyo: Telling Stories Together

Fashion/ Style

Feeling connected in a digital world can be challenging. Often times feelings of loneliness can creep up when strolling through social media. We look for ways to connect with others because it’s a natural instinct created in us. Us humans are here to connect and thrive in a unified environment.  Read more


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Posted on September 28, 2017

Five Best Fashion Ideas for Dating in Autumn Season

Fashion/ Style

A real lady must always know what to wear in a certain situation. No matter if it’s heavy rain, or a squall, or it’s hot as hell outside, we cannot let the circumstances ruin our style… especially, when we are invited on a date. It is strange, but some girls cannot simply decide what to wear on a date in autumn. They think the warm clothes ruins their femininity and sexuality. Well, girls, I can prove that scarfs, coats, and other autumn outfit can emphasize your beauty. Here are few specific fall ideas for dating outfits. Consider these tips Read more


Posted on September 24, 2017

Athleta Street Tights from Day-to-Night

Fashion/ Style

Many of us shop for looks that are versatile; outfits that can go from day-to-night are extremely important to our busy lives. For example, some days I am busy from morning to night and have little to no time to go home and change into a new look for the evening. Having a look that can be dressed up easily with just a pair of heels or a switch of a jacket is just what I need. We can’t Read more


Posted on September 13, 2017

Fabrics in Everyday Living with Tissular

Fashion/ Style

I once believed that silk clothing was only for winter months. Growing up silk was a fabric I would wear around Chrismas time. Today you can find so many amazing silk pieces and looks all year round. I even wore silk during the hot summer days. I found that the fabric is actually super breathable and freeing. The way it Read more


Posted on August 31, 2017

Must-Have Style Essentials for Every Beach Vacation

Fashion/ Style

I’ve waited long enough – it’s vacation time! I can basically already feel the sand between my toes and the ocean breeze in my hair. But, there is still one last step to go over before leaving – the dreaded packing. You’d think I’ve gotten it down by now, but I still wish I could bring my entire closet with me every single time. But this is not my first packing crisis, so here’s how I tackled it:

Read more


Posted on August 20, 2017

How to Look and Feel Confident in Swimwear

Fashion/ Style

Summer is slowly coming to an end, and with it, most of our opportunities to lounge around on the beach in our bathing suits and soak in the sun. Of course, we want to use every last day of summer to thoroughly enjoy ourselves, but for a lot of women, one thing gets in the way of fun – their confidence. When you plan to be in public wearing only tiny scraps of clothing that pretty much cover even less than your underwear, it’s a little difficult to relax. Is my back straight enough? Should I be sucking in my stomach? Am I too skinny to pull this bathing suit off?  Read more


Posted on July 27, 2017

Be Empowered with Modcloth

Fashion/ Style

Shopping for clothes that truly express my fun, bubbly, sophisticated and chic personality can be a challenge. Sometimes I want to wear crazy prints and other times I want to just wear complete black but with both styles I still want the shape to be girly and cute but also mature. You’re probably thinking this chick just needs her own personal designer, and if that was an option I would Read more


Posted on July 25, 2017

Salty Mermaid

Fashion/ Style

I am really excited to share this swimwear brand with you all! Salty Mermaid is a bikini brand that started with two besties in Florida. Their passion for empowering women through swimwear was the first step in creating this amazing brand. Salty Mermaid presented their newest collection at Miami Swim Week just a few days ago. You must check out Read more


Posted on July 24, 2017

Parisian Style Denim

Fashion/ Style

Parisian fashion looks are a constant trend for many people, including me. I love the simplicity and easy-going vibes of the Parisian style. It doesn’t just stop at fashion, it’s also a culture that translates into restaurants, music, language, and much more. My dream is to visit Paris this year! I would love to expose my love for Parisian style in the city that started it all. Until that magical fantasy becomes Read more


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Posted on July 20, 2017


Fashion/ Style

Summer is here and I have been living in bikinis! I love going to the beach or laying out by the pool in my favorite swimwear! Any shape, any color, any print, I will always have a love for swimwear. I realize that not everyone loves swimwear as much as I do. I understand the struggles of finding the right fit or color, deciding what print looks best on your skin tone, or just being confident in the way you look in swimwear can all be a big stress on anyone. Read more


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