Posted on February 20, 2016

I Want a Studio Apartment!


Hey Lovelies! Im headed to Santa Barbra for some major wine tasting in an hour, but before I take off on such a spontaneous trip I wanted to share this beautiful loft I discovered on Pinterest. I have been drooling over the idea of living in a loft apartment. Dreaming of tons of space and means to uniquely decorate to make an illusion of many rooms completely intrigues me! This loft is located in New York and was actually set up as a pop-up shop where every piece was for sale! Well in that case I will take everything, please 😉 Let me know what you all think of this loft! Have a great Saturday!

xoxo Candice 

the-playing-circle-vaudeville-theatre-loft-amsterdam-6-750x1125the-playing-circle-vaudeville-theatre-loft-amsterdam-11-750x1125the-playing-circle-vaudeville-theatre-loft-amsterdam-9-750x500the-playing-circle-vaudeville-theatre-loft-amsterdam-4-750x1125 the-playing-circle-vaudeville-theatre-loft-amsterdam-3-750x500Photography by Studio Aico

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    Wow..this apartment is so cozy. loved the pics.

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