Posted on November 14, 2019

Daily Affirmations with Candice: My Emotions are in My Control


“I will not let the actions of others control my emotions!”

Yesterday I allowed someone’s perspective of me control my feelings! Why? Because it hurt! I think of myself as strong, self-aware, and positive, but I allowed someone I didn’t know take that strength away for a moment too long. Thankfully, I had friends to turn to that quickly put me back in my strength. Since I was young I’ve desired to be liked by everyone and even at 30 that insecurity creeps up sometimes. Today I am reminding myself that my emotions are MINE, therefore no one can make me feel any kind of way – I have that power! I hope today you are aware of what makes you get off balance. Shift your thinking and get back to your foundation! I love you all and thank you for giving me the space to share my thoughts. 







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