Posted on August 28, 2017

Must Have Beauty Products in Your Handbag

Beauty/ Skin

Every woman desires to have flawless and bright looking skin. But the busy life does not really give us an opportunity to spend good quality time on grooming and taking care of our skin.

So the simple way is, to keep some cosmetics handy in your bag that will immediately make your skin look fresh and ready for the day.

A Concealer  

This product a boon from the cosmetic industry to every woman, a concealer that suits your skin is a must have cosmetic in your bag. Imagine you stayed up all night watching a movie, the next day you see dark circles around eyes and you have a meeting to attend. A concealer will take care of the dark circles and make your eyes look bright, making you all set for the meeting.

2 most preferred brands are Maybelline and lakme absolute white concealer stick. You may want to try these out.

A Lip Cream 

Chapped lips causes a lot of discomfort, and it is certainly not one of the flaws you want to overlook especially when you have a date. A lip cream will smoothen up your chapped lips and leave a rich matte color. Choose a lip cream with a shade that goes well with your complexion.

NYX professional makeup has the best quality and impressive of range shades.

Exfoliating Pads.

Be sure to buy exfoliating pads which contains glycolic acid.

Glycolic acid is skin friendly has helps in clearing up all the pollutants and impurities from the skin, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and clear within minutes.

Any brand which contains glycolic acid would do.

A Body Mist.

Most women tend to miss out on this product.

Unlike perfumes, body mist does not contain high levels of chemicals or alcohol. It is applied directly on your skin. It is more of a body splash that keeps you sweat free and fresh all day long

The body shop has an exquisite range of body mist so choose a body mist that suits you the best.

Keep these products in your bag all the time and you are ever ready for any occasion, meeting or a party within minutes.

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