Posted on July 18, 2018

10 Style Mistakes to Avoid On a First Date

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There are all sorts of questions running through one’s mind on a first date—will he or she like you? What stories should we share? And the list goes on and on. There may be even more uncertainty when, as a young man, you have connected with a lovely sugar momma through an online dating site, and want to create an impressive first impression as a well-cultured sugar baby. You may have little or no control over some of those things running through your mind, but you can control how you dress. Here are some style mistakes you should avoid on your first date:

  1. Unsuitable dressing

Have you ever heard that you have no second chance to make a great first impression, or that your first impression is your last one? You cannot afford to commit a faux pas on a first date by wearing the wrong attire. You may never be able to redeem your image afterwards. Do not put on your gym or sports shoes with jeans or chinos. You must have in mind that your footwear adds so much value to your total appearance. Also, wearing sandals and socks is a mistake you shouldn’t commit, as it will wreck your personality. It should not be lost on you that appropriate dressing is a type of good manners. To give a great first impression, a fitted, fresh-ironed shirt would be an excellent option. Also, go for something fresh—not your daily wear that may have stains or that may be stretched out.

  1. Showing too much skin

You must choose where your strength lies and flaunt that, but not all areas at the same time, as it may not go well on a first date. For instance, if you have killer arms, go for a strapless dress to show them off. As far as being sexy and flaunting some flesh is concerned, it is crucial to show one part—be it the legs, cleavage, or back. Overexposing may give the wrong impression and portray you as being too sexy.

  1. Excess cologne

If you put on so much cologne that a lady can smell it in the entire room, she may not come closer to you. That denies you the chance to get close. Do not use strong perfumes, as they may be irritating to some people.

  1. Wearing too many pieces of jewelry

A watch is the only thing that can be termed as jewelry that a man should don, and it should vary according to your outfits. You should avoid putting on any shiny, artificial pieces of jewelry, like golden bracelets and rings, for instance. Women may wear more jewelry, but should still avoid overdoing it.

  1. Very ambitious style choices

You do not have to entirely forsake your favorite style, but if you are not sure of what will be acceptable, go for less. You will not go wrong putting on black and white, say black pants and a white shirt.

  1. Trying too hard to dress

You should not stress out a lot on the first-date outfit, because what you put on during the subsequent dates is what accurately communicates how you are getting on. For example, if you start dressing down, it may be an indication that you are getting more comfortable with the other party.

  1. Applying excessive makeup

It is crucial to avoid applying too much makeup as it may steal all the attention, making your date miss what you are talking about. A good example is when too much lipstick is worn, so that it comes off and gets all over your teeth. The secret is to strike a good balance between overdoing and underdoing the makeup. You do not want to appear to have not put any effort into the date. On the other hand, you risk distracting the other person if you overdo it, bearing in mind his or her eyes will be on your face for the better part of the date.

  1. Wearing something very tight

You do not have to subject yourself to misery by putting on something that will make you feel uncomfortable, or like you have to suck in to make it fit. The best idea is to wear something that you will fit in well. You will not only look good, but you will also feel at ease.

  1. Ignoring or forgetting to check your hair

Hair styling is a crucial part of getting ready that you cannot afford to ignore. You should allocate some time before the date to set your hair, to cut and shape your beard, and to apply some gel or hair spray to give your handsome face a more striking look.

  1. Looking unapproachable

You need to give a welcoming feeling, rather than being unapproachable, possibly as a result of putting on something that makes you uncomfortable or not relaxed. You should also not come off as the high-maintenance type, which is not approachable.




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