Posted on August 26, 2014

2014 Video Music Awards

 *Fan Girl Voice* —> OHHHH MYYYY GOSHHH! What is air? What is life? Did I really go to the Video Music Awards? Did I really see Queen B perform while sitting behind her hubby and baby girl? The VMAs were overwhelming, exciting, and pure fun. I’m so happy I was able to experience a night like that! Highlights of the night include sitting next to Jack Antonoff (member of the band Fun), being served expensive Champaign, watching celebs in “real life”, sitting in the VIP section the entire night, wearing this awesome dress (more details later), DJ Mustard playing pretty much all his songs, and seeing Beyoncé perform! She was amazing. . . of course! 

VMA2014 11085

VMA2014 1030The lowlights of the night include getting Champaign spilt on my dress, having to sneak my phone through security (they would have kicked me out if I had got caught with my phone), having to move seats every commercial to keep VIP looking filled for the camera, and having to be escorted to the bathroom because “you can’t go alone”! I know I shouldn’t complain, but I think it’s good to give you all the real experience. VMA2014 1001At the beginning of the show I was sitting right behind Katy Perry and her date Riff Raff who happened to be sitting with Ms. Miley Cyrus. Sam Smith’s performance made me want to do a lyrical dance; his voice is heaven. Taylor Swift truly enjoys performing and it was neat to see her have so much fun. I want to be Ariana Grande! Her costume during the opening performance was so shinny and beautiful. Her mom and grandmother sat right behind me. It was so cute hearing them whisper “Awww! Look! There she is!”. I yelled for Jennifer Lopez and she waved at me! We are basically besties now. 😉 VMA2014 11108In the middle of the show I sat next to Maddie Ziegler and her mom Mellissa from Dance Moms. Maddie is a sweetheart! The best part was sitting right behind Jay-Z and Blue Ivy while Beyoncé was performing! What divorce rumors?!?! I absolutely loved when Bey asked the audience how we woke up that morning and everyone yelled “FLAWLESS”! She then began her song. . . “I woke up like diiiissss!” Sorry I’m talking in bullet points but my mind is so over whelmed with all that happened! VMASI slipped my iphone out of my handbag at the very end when everyone was focused on Beyoncé’s performance and not on me having phone, I know. . . I’m so sneaky! Here is a collage of the pictures I secretly snapped. Oh how I wish I had more! VMA2014 111023FLAWLESS!!! My Look: Dress ($300) — AQ/AQ {click the link for dress}, Shoes ($150) — J. Crew {click the link for shoes} I love this dress so much! This dress is simple, comfortable, and chic. The electric blue looks great on my dark skin and I think pink shoes bring out my quirky fun side. What do you think of this look? Comment below!hairI did my hair by parting it down the middle and braiding two braids, crisscrossed them in the back and wrapped the left braid around to the right and the right braid around to the left. I bobby-pinned the braids to create a braid crown. Super easy and elegant. Ladies, you should try it for your next look. VMA2014 11060Over all I had a blast at the VMAs! Thank you all for sharing in my excitement! I seriously saw EVERYONE! I can’t wait for the next show! Love you all! xoxo (@candicenikeia)





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