Posted on August 20, 2017

How to Look and Feel Confident in Swimwear

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Summer is slowly coming to an end, and with it, most of our opportunities to lounge around on the beach in our bathing suits and soak in the sun. Of course, we want to use every last day of summer to thoroughly enjoy ourselves, but for a lot of women, one thing gets in the way of fun – their confidence. When you plan to be in public wearing only tiny scraps of clothing that pretty much cover even less than your underwear, it’s a little difficult to relax. Is my back straight enough? Should I be sucking in my stomach? Am I too skinny to pull this bathing suit off? 

Now, I’ve never been the kind to sit around and quietly accept that that some bodies are just not beach bodies, so those women should just stay at home. Absolutely not! We’re not doing that today. Today, we’re gonna smile, we’re gonna look amazing, and we’re gonna read some tips on how to just relax and have fun at the beach instead of worrying.

The Perfect Bathing Suit is Out There 

Photography by Angelo Kangleon

Swimwear is really not something that you can just settle for. If you go to a store and find something that’s kind of cute, but has a few flaws – don’t buy it. Just don’t. It won’t feel good to wear it, and it will make you feel needlessly insecure. Personally, I always pick SwimSpot bikinis because they actually suit the specific shape of my body, and I think every woman should have that option.

We’re all different and that’s a good thing. A bathing suit is one of those things that just need to be a perfect fit, and I think it’s insane for companies to assume that all women belong in just one category. You shouldn’t settle for something that looks frumpy or too tight, because there are options out there, and you absolutely deserve to have a bathing suit that hugs your curves just right and makes you feel sexy.

Prep Your Body 


A healthy diet and a good exercising routine are great, especially if you find a fitness class that suits you, but there’s more to it than that. Most people forget that their skin is need of some love as well. Exfoliate your entire body with something like Soap & Glory’s Smoothie Star scrub (or make a DIY scrub with sea salt) and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! You want to keep your skin healthy and  make it smooth and velvety. There’s no way not to feel great and looks awesome after that.

Waterproof Makeup for a Touch of Glam

It’s summer, you don’t need twenty layers of makeup, but subtle touches here and there can make you look great. A good BB cream (Bobbi Brown’s BB cream has an SPF of 35 and good range of shades, a hint of waterproof mascara and maybe some tinted lip balm. Since you need to keep reapplying sun protection at the beach, Jane Iredale Pommisst Hydration Spray is a good idea because it helps minimize UV damage and you can just spritz it over your face to feel moisturized and refreshed without having to remove your makeup. Really simple things, and yet they can help you feel great.

Have a Cute Beach Dress Ready


I get it, something you need to kind of warm up first before you’re ready to bare your skin. You don’t have to just stroll in there, throw away your clothes and run around in a skimpy bathing suit. Grab a light beach dress or a cute wrap and sashay down the beach, and when you’re ready drop it and enjoy the sun on your sexy body.

Be Careful What You Eat for Lunch

I don’t mean your diet, I mean literally the meal you eat before you head out for the beach. Some food can make you feel very bloated, and you really want to avoid that kind of discomfort when you’re about to walk around half-naked. Eat light meals and drink a lot of water and you won’t have any issues.

Don’t let your last days of summer go to waste, ladies. Give a big grin and enjoy the way your body looks – confidence comes from loving yourself.


*This article was written by Amy Mia Goldsmith.


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