Posted on July 20, 2019

Pin Culture: Why Badges Remain a Powerful Style Statement

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Wearing a badge has long been associated with rebellion. It has also been associated with pledging allegiance with a cause or causes the wearer believes in and supports. However, in recent times, people have taken to wearing badges as a fashion statement. 

In fact, a number of the big international houses are incorporating the judge in their couture. Even political statements need to be displayed stylishly. You can raise your fist in protest wheelie looking like you just walked off the Red Carpet.

Badges That Portray Rebellion

Lots of people have taken to wearing badges that boldly decry issues that they find appalling. You will consequently come across people wearing badges that boldly declare their political stands or urging the government to “Tax the Rich’ among other daring statements.

Some of the badges take a bit of daring to wear as they will not exactly elicit excitement or even a smile. They may actually earn the wearer a grimace and a few scathing words. A few of the badges definitely push the boundaries and start conversations, which is what the wearer intends anyway.

The Fashion Statement

Fashion statements are not about making people comfortable. Many times they turn out to be quite controversial. Badges as fashion statements are meant to convey certain messages. Some of them are encouraging messages asking people to choose love such as you would find in an event such as the Pride Parade.

Garments covered in badges that contain symbols that look like talismans are common these days. You will find someone strutting along the street in a garment that bears a witch’s toadstool for instance.

When such garments are created by fashion geniuses such as Alexander McQueen, they will definitely, find their way on the streets. Experts such as Rocketbadge will create badges fashion-conscious badges to go with the times and help you make your own fashion statement.

Culture and History

People love to identify with their culture. They are therefore likely to adorn their outfits with images and symbols that symbolize an aspect of culture. Fashion brands also understand that and have taken to creating pieces with cultural symbols on them. For instance, Miu Miu had denim with images of flamingo, deer on them.

In addition, historical symbols are also revered. A fashion-forward individual may go for outfits that depict historical imagery and messages especially if certain eras or events in the past are important to them.

One might need a badge that depicts an image from WWII or a certain uprising that brought change to their world. They may want to wear that to commemorate the occasion and celebrate what it stands for.


Badges are the perfect accessory these days when one wants to take a stand, identify with a certain faction or pay homage to their culture and history. They are also a silent way of defying what one feels is oppressive to them. They have as a result become quite popular in the fashion industry.

What is more, you can have yours custom-made and the DIY it on your garment by sewing it on or pinning it on your outfit. It will be visible enough to communicate your message to the world.




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