Posted on August 27, 2014

Let the Dress Speak


Today I have decided I am going to make an effort to be more chic yet counterintuitive, elegant yet touched with eccentricity; I want to wear my clothes with absolute conviction and style. I gained plenty of feverish attention wearing this 1950’s Mad Men inspired dress from Single. This dress flourished preternatural grace, creating an tumultuous atmosphere within the people I came in contact. I want my clothing to bring happiness and a change of heart and today I felt that change. singlemelrose 1022singlemelrose 1027singlemelrose 1032singlemelrose 1051singlemelrose 1060singlemelrose 1070singlemelrose 1076singlemelrose 1078singlemelrose 1087(My shoes are by Jessica Simpson and my purse is from Melrose Ave) Elegance is more than ever now apart of me. You can see how happy I was to dress in this way. Comment below how you feel when you dress up! Thanks for reading! @candicenikeia xoxo

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