Posted on October 29, 2018

Tips For Getting A Selfie Worthy Smile

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It’s not just millennials – most of us enjoy taking selfies from time to time, whether to put it on Snapchat or Instagram or simply to have a great pic. 

But how good your selfie is will greatly depend on one thing – your perfect smile. If you really want to shine on a selfie photo and get plenty of likes, then use a couple of tips to make your smile unforgettable and unique.

1. Whiter teeth

You may have straight teeth, but if they are not actually white but beige, you could visit a professional that will whiten them. White teeth are the precondition of a perfect smile. If the stains are not too serious, you may want to try laser whitening or even whitening kit to use at home.

2. The right kind of smile

Being natural is important if you want to dazzle people with your selfie. Don’t put on a fake smile because you are without a doubt the prettiest when you smile genuinely. Also, if your smile is too big, it may highlight features on your face in all the wrong ways. Just be relaxed when you’re smiling and that will be visible through your smile. It’s also a good trick to match your lower lip with the upper teeth curve – that’s how you will make the best effect.

3. Practice makes perfection

This may sound weird, but it’s actually really effective if you practice achieving the perfect smile before you post a selfie on the social media. Try out different angles, turn your body in different ways, tilt your head left or right – you will figure out what pose is the right one for you. And practice thinking about something positive and cheerful while taking a selfie – that could actually help you get that genuine smile. Once you find out what works for you, remember that stance and use it from then on.

4. Amazing lip gloss

Lip color is what will hugely affect your selfie – a great smile is not complete without a lip color, possibly in gloss form. Girls love shiny things, so do it with your lips, too. A lip gloss will make your lips attractive and delicious – and they are a big part of your smile. This isn’t just a tip for a great selfie – use this tip for every situation and your lips will always pop!

5. Healthy teeth

No point in trying to make your teeth whiter if you don’t have a proper dental hygiene. Add a little bit of fun to your regular teeth brushing by choosing the one just for you among cool personalized toothbrushes and make sure you brush your teeth for 3 minutes. Use quality toothpaste and always floss your teeth. Lastly, have your regular visits to your dentist, meaning every six months. That way, your teeth and mouth will be healthy and you’ll be proud to smile when holding the camera!dionisius-wisnu-979698-unsplash

6. Straighter teeth

Maybe you didn’t want to wear braces when you were little, and now you’re mad at yourself and your crooked teeth. And let’s be honest – it really doesn’t look good if your teeth are going different directions while you’re trying your best to make a cute selfie or there’s a big gap between them that attracts all the attention when you put on a big smile. It’s never too late for braces – nowadays, they can be almost invisible. Or you can go the other way completely – choose one in a vivid color and cute decorations – why not have fun in the process?

7. A bit of photography knowledge can’t hurt

A perfect selfie is a mix of a great smile and some knowledge of photography. The light is important here – if you take a selfie under a low light, it won’t do you any favors. Whenever it’s possible, take a selfie in a shaded place on a sunny day. If you’re indoors, take your selfie by a window.

All in all

A perfect selfie is achievable for anybody. You just need to practice a bit until you learn how to do it flawlessly. Once you’re done, just post it and enjoy the tones of positive comments and likes!




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