Posted on August 22, 2019

Top Women’s Fashion Trends for Back to School

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Whether you’re heading back to high school or college this fall, I’m sure you’ve definitely been thinking about your outfits to start off the fall semester. For many of us, planning our outfits and shopping for a new school year can be a nightmare, especially if you’re like me and think a lot about making great first impressions while trying to make sure that first day of school outfit is as flawless as possible!

School’s around the corner and starting sooner than we realize, so now’s the time to get some inspiration on where to find the best deals on women’s fashionable clothing for back-to-school. With that being said, we’re here for you with plenty of inspiration to help you decide what is going to be your first-day outfit — a.k.a. likely your most important outfit and the one which will pretty much set the style and tone for the rest of your school year. So, to make your life easier in preparation for that back-to-school outfit that wows everyone and boosts your self-esteem for the rest of your fall semester, we’ve put together five different women’s trendy clothing ideas for you to try out in at least the start of your fall semester when the weather still feels summer-ishhh, or at least we pretend it does…

Every year the end of summer means the start of a new school year WHICH also means back to school sales are popping up left and right! Sooo…. before I get into the five styles I have chosen to share with you today, I would like to give you a tip about shopping trendy women’s clothing for back to school, and that is to switch from your old school shopping clothing methods to shopping online.

Online shopping has become a way of life and many great websites offer selections and prices that are hard to find in stores sometimes, plus the time savings can be huge as well. I used to do a lot of shopping in my local stores, but with the surge of online women’s clothing stores in recent years, I have realized that shopping online is just better in so many ways.

As I mentioned above, one of the ways shopping online is great is that shopping women’s clothing online saves you a ton of TIME! You can shop a whole new top to bottom outfit in literally less than 10 minutes and get it delivered to you within few days and the great part is that online stores have the option of express shipping where you pay a extra few bucks to get your outfit for your last minute planned girls’ night out or a last minute trip that you have decided to take!

The only resource that can rival money today is time.  As a result, “saving time” is often mentioned above “finding the lowest price” as a reason for shopping online. Additionally, there are no set business hours for women’s fashion clothing stores online so you can shop 24/7 at any time you want- early morning when you are still in your pjs, after business hours, after work, and so on.

What is the second important thing after time? You guessed it – money! Shopping online for women’s clothes can save a ton of money and that’s because running an online business costs less than traditional stores, so the savings gets passed on to shoppers. In part, that’s because online stores don’t pay to rent a store and they can function perfectly fine with one or a few employees. This saves them money and in return they are able to offer good prices and still make a big profit out of their sales. Additionally, women’s clothing stores online can be extremely competitive with each other, which benefits the consumer, because every online store has to offer the best clothing with the most affordable prices to be able to out-compete competitors and win buyers, and this is one of the main reasons why you may find way more sales when you are shopping online for women’s clothing, compared to going to brick and mortar retailers and stores. 

Some other benefits of shopping online include; more variety and big selection of clothing to choose from, easy price comparison, no waiting on lines, avoiding shopping mall crowds, no pressure from pushy sales associates, as well as privacy for discreet purchases.

Now that you know how to save money, time and shop smart, let’s get into the five styles I promised earlier to share with you!

School can get hectic and stressful, especially around midterm season, so you can lower your stress levels later on by stocking up now on outfits that you can wear all semester without having to spend more time later. 

My go-to school outfit that will make you look very fashionable and isn’t too costly, would be a floral or striped romper. Pair this outfit with nice, but comfortable heels and wow everyone at first sight!

A second outfit would be denim overall shorts. This is an outfit that has been trending for many years now and does not seem to be going out of style anytime soon. You can totally wear this on your first day of school and few years down the road when you look back at your pictures of your first day of school, you will definitely smile. With white sneakers being so trendy nowadays, you can make the outfit standout even more by pairing it with cool white kicks. 

A third outfit that I suggest would include scalloped hem shorts with a sleeveless chiffon or lace camisole. This outfit is very comfortable and can be dressed up or dressed down depending on your accessories and shoes. 

The fourth outfit is a casual yet very put-together and fashionable one. This is nothing out of the ordinary, just trendy waist joggers paired with a body suit and a moto jacket. This is the outfit that you can wear on rainy days in September and October and still look all amazingly pretty. 

The fifth and last outfit is for those who like wearing pants a lot but are tired of jeans and looking all plain- I’ve been through those times so I gotta include this for sure… I GOT YOU SISTA!

This outfit with will make you look all sexy and skinny: leather pants topped with a tight lace top or a neck ruffle top.

No matter which of the 5 options you opt for on the first day of school, you have another 4 styles to go with and try on other days of school during the semester… so it’s a win-win. Happy shopping!




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