Posted on August 13, 2019

What’s a Girl to Wear for End of Summer Parties?

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The end of the summer is a bittersweet time of year. I know you might not like to hear this from me, but the warmest days of the year are winding down and it’s flying so fast that it’s crazy! Like seriously, summer should get a speeding ticket… It feels like August is the Sunday of summer and it ends with the blink of an eye!

With that being said, we only have a few more weeks of summer so we better enjoy and make good use of every single minute of it and party hard, so we don’t have regrets when the long boring winter comes along.

For many women like myself, the summer wouldn’t be completely fun and memorable without its fair share of parties, bachelorettes, night-outs, and weddings to attend, and even though these occasions happen in summer season, from a fashion perspective they aren’t about bikinis- rather they’re more about finding trendy women’s clothes.  

Now that your social calendar is jam-packed with parties and night-outs, the big question is…. What to wear? 

Fortunately, with the recent upsurge of online women’s clothing shops you can now find unique online clothing stores for women and get ready to party hard without breaking your wallet or having to book a day off from work just to shop for that friend’s birthday party that you don’t even like and you are forced to go… JUST KIDDING!

Whether you’re the life of the party or just going along with someone else, you’ll still want to dress to impress and be fashionable because the last thing you would want is to go to a party and look like you’d rather be at home watching Netflix! Even if you do that’s ok, but no need to look like it😊

Sooo… let’s talk about some trendy women’s outfits that have broken the internet and Instagram lately and are perfect party outfits…. and for the convenience of your time and money, they can be found at many online women’s fashion clothing stores for a fraction of the price you would pay at your regular retailers. 

If you are all out of options for your upcoming night out and you have no clue what to wear, I’ve got you covered sister! Here are some sartorial inspirations I have put together which are worthy of any party, and of course, definitely worthy of your Instagram post that follows the party!

First and foremost, let’s talk about an indoor summer party outfit that has been in fashion for many years now and does not seem to go out of fashion anytime soon, that is, a classy yet sexy short lace dress.

As someone that loves the look and feel of lace dresses and basically any sort of outfit that is made out of lace, I can certainly say that this dress will not only make you look all sexy and fashionista, the feel of the fabric will also make you feel rich yet comfortable enough to your liking. 

Due to the warm weather and casual vibes of summer season, summer parties can be a little different when it comes to dressing up. You’ll want your outfit to be comfortable and relaxed enough for the weather and occasion but still look like you have come to a party—after all, you’re at a party, so impress your crush with your latest look! Therefore, a floral off the shoulder maxi dress, can be your best friend here that can give you the look and that relaxed feel all day long.

If you are the type of person that likes to be the center of attention and planning to wow everyone at the party you will not regret wearing a sexy red jumpsuit and of course do not forget your red lippies to make it extra flattering. 

Nothing says party like an embroidered lace romper. Wear yours with strappy heels for the ultimate party look and I guarantee you will bless my soul after! And because these rompers are very trendy and on fashion this summer, they can be on the pricy side if your buy them from you regular retail stores… however, as a bonus, I will give you a tip that can save time and your bank from breaking! Skip pricy retailers and buy them from your favourite online women’s clothing store! This way you will save a enough money to spend on matching tassel layered drop earrings to complete the look! 

If this is a summer girls get-together or a night out, you can’t go wrong with a flattering open shoulder or off-shoulder top and a slip-style skirt with feather drop earrings to top it off. This look will make you look and feel very confident.

If you are on a budget and looking for something more affordable and casual enough that you can still get a few wears out of it after the party is over, colorful striped dresses were made with summer and your wallet in mind and are definitely worth the investment.  

Yes, you can totally wear an edgy colorful floral kimono in a summer party and I promise you’ll feel so confident that you won’t stop staring at yourself in the mirror, like I always do when I feel extra good about my outfit.

We’re seeing floral maxi dresses everywhere nowadays and my most favorite is a satin floral print maxi dress right now. Wear yours with a pair of nude heels for your best friend’s upcoming destination wedding and thank me later!

As they say, “The tans will fade but the memories will last forever,” so make your last month of summer the most memorable by trying these suggested outfits and DO NOT forget to take a few snapshots of your outfits because you will need to look at them when you are all tired and sick of long winter nights and say to yourself, “at least I had an amazing summer!”



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    Yaaaa! you are right Candice. If we need dress within our budget we can get colorful striped dresses which are more affordable and casual enough to get. Thanks for sharing your post with us.

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