Posted on February 12, 2018

5 Perfect Gifts to Give a Loved One On Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and love is palpable in the air. For some reasons, this time of the year is filled with love, romance, and companionship. The reason for such emotional spurs are neither important nor necessary because love should be conditional, but is it really so? Well, love with no conditions does not make sense. Now, what is the condition?

Gosh, that is such a baffling question! While some preach it should be a one-way street, we seriously oppose the idea of unconditional love because however you try, the mind will seek something in return. Let’s face the facts; without caring and right expression of love, the very idea of unconditional love is a serious philosophical assertion. So, this article will shed lights on the perfect Valentine’s Day love expression.

As soon as you hit the supermarket or local gift store, you find yourself bombarded with a dizzying variety of gifts and it could be difficult to find the perfect one for this special occasion. The following are the fantastic five gift ideas to celebrate this occasion.


Romance is in the air; a perfume from Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana or Prada could instigate the romanticism; devils also wear Prada, right? Of course, devils are more sensual than the gods. Yes, forget about the romantic idea that asks you to spread the fragrance of love, we say ignore it and get more intimate on this special day. Let it be a sin. And of course, you can rationalize it by saying holy crap that was simply a “holy sin”

Remember, the sense of smell is the strongest of all the sense and fragrances instigates sensual motives. And then, you might say; is love is all about the sensual attraction? Yes, of course, without sensation love could be very esoteric and certainly, you do not want to get into such ideas of love where you have to run into the monastery to discover that so-called love, spiritualism and all that jazz found in some nonsense rituals.


Well, sometimes the man with his glorious manhood adorned with chivalry skills and shining armor can take women’s heart away, but a diamond can do the same at every occasion without fail and perhaps, that s why ever women on the earth are passionate about the diamond.

Irrespective of the class, culture, and ideologies the diamond seems to fit into every occasion and strata. So, on this Valentine’s Day make sure that you surprise your partner with beautiful diamond jewelry from brands such as Forevermark, Harry Winston or Tacori. And we are sure that your partner is simply going to cherish this moment for a long time. And you may never know, this special gift can strengthen the bonding between you and your partner. Remember, diamonds are forever and relationships should be the same too.

A romantic trip:

Forget about whatever people say about the tangible gifts; in fact, an intangible gift is perhaps more adorable than anything else. Either trip to Norway to spend a romantic evening in a snow hotel or a beautiful day with the natives of Morocco principality; actually, the romantic trip could be memorable.

It feels beautiful to sit on the white sandy beach looking at the stars and dissolving into the strangeness of the lonely romantic night where you and your partner can rediscover the love. Sometimes sitting in lounge accompanied by wine and romantic music could beat the heavenly idea of love that is only found enshrined in some romantic novel. Yes, a beautifully planned trip could be momentous and undisputedly romantic.


A watch could be one of the beautiful gifts that you could give your man. A designer watch can uplift his mood. Remember, men love to flaunt accessories. So, if you are thinking to buy a watch, then consider choosing a better brand such as Cartier and Rolex.

If your budget does not permit such expensive and luxurious watches, then resort to a reasonable brand. Yes, the brands’ matter. But of course, love is more valuable than everything. So, whatever you choose to present make sure that you wrap it in love. Hang on, that means, just be loving, and any gift will do the trick, even free watches will suffice.


This might sound pretty clichéd idea; however, the symbolism of rose still holds prominence. Where and how this flower found its way into the world of romanticism is irrelevant, it continues to be the finest gesture of love for a long a time now.

You might underestimate this idea because it does not sound expensive or exotic. However, irrespective of its lesser price and lack of exoticness, the flower can be a beautiful gift on such a day. And it is not lovely to weigh love with cost. Up to certain extent, capitalism makes sense but combined with love capitalism can prove to be fatal. So, maintain the balance between love and money.

Ultimately, love can flourish in mutual understanding, you should never judge the gift from its appearance or cost. Apparently, love is beyond ideas, ideologies, philosophies, and intellectuality. The real love is so momentous. One moment it is their and next moment it disappears. All you can do is to remain alert and grasp the essence of love whenever it shows up.

From a metaphorical viewpoint love might look something like some heavenly experience or beautiful and unworldly affair or some intellectual ideology, but in reality, it is none of those; love can be felt in little gestures, a beautiful smile, a loving touch or a kiss; in fact, it surpasses all ideas.

In fact, ideas come with words, and words are simply the facades without meaning. Well, of course, words might have thematic meanings but does it really have any significance when you do not have love in your heart?

So, the bottom line is; go beyond the ordinary perception of life and enjoy Valentine’s Day with your partner. And remember that gifts are the means of love, not the love itself.

Author Bio:

Thomas is the Co-Founder of Folsom & Co. He started Folsom & Co. after following his passion for designing and creating new watches for all generations. His mission is to build a leading brand which makes watches a must wear accessory for everyone. Thomas works closely with designs that are inspired by San Francisco. All the watches are made of quality materials to get a nicely finished end-product at an affordable price.


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