Posted on November 13, 2019

Daily Affirmations with Candice: Rejection is Always a Redirection


“I believe new opportunities are opening up for me!” 

In 2010, Lisa Kudrow, best known for her character as Phoebe on the popular comedy “Friends”, made a commencement speech to the students of Vassar (Lisa’s Alma Mater). Her profound speech touched on her experience with rejection as she moved through the entertainment industry while pursuing her dream of becoming a successful actor. She confessed that she was at her lowest when she was fired from the hit show “Frasier”. After that devastating experience, she had little to no money but she trusted her inner voice to KEEP PUSHING. Lisa went on to say, “When one door closes, another door always opens. It really does. That’s what I would tell myself to keep those moments of doubts, only moments. It worked. I kept going.” After many auditions Lisa was the 2nd person cast in the pilot of “Friends”. She needed to be fired in order to reach her divine destiny!

I love this story! In times of reject and doubt this is our chance to know that better opportunities are right around the corner. Like Lisa said do not dwell on your rejection – keep them as moments and move on. I LOVE THAT! Babes, know and believe amazing opportunities are on their way to you!








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