Posted on January 8, 2014

His Grace is Sufficient

Daily Affirmations

I remember in second grade I cheated on my spelling test. I think the word was ‘knowledge’ or something, but I forgot how to spell it and I knew the boy next to me would have it correct so I glanced at his paper and copied. I also remember trying to convince myself it was ok.

‘It’s just one word.’ No one saw me.’ ‘I don’t need to tell.’

As a class we graded our test right after we completed and I got a 100%. School was soon over and I waited for my mom like all the other kids to come pick me up. As soon as I got in the car I began to cry uncontrollably.

“Mom, I cheated on my spelling test!”

My mom, the most honest woman ever, said, “Well you need to go tell your teacher what happened, now.”

So I walked up to my teacher still crying and said, “Mrs. Elaine Berry I cheated on my spelling test today. I’m so sorry.”

She looked at me and smiled and said, “Aw. You can take the test over tomorrow. Thank you for telling me, Candice.”

I was shocked! My teacher wasn’t mad. She didn’t say ‘Wow you’re getting a zero’ or ‘I can’t believe you would do such a thing’. She didn’t even say she was disappointed in me. She gave me a second change with no evil punishment.

This is an example of grace. In the same way Mrs. Berry treated me is the same way God treats us. We think if we mess up God will just write us off, never talk to us again, punish us extremely, or the worse: never forgive us.

But those are lies from the enemy. God is delighted that we come freely to Him with our problems and concerns. He loves when we our honest with Him. And even cooler than that the unconditional love and grace He shows on us makes us never want to make that mistake or sin in that way ever again.

The next day when I took the spelling test again I REALLY received a 100%. I think I did well not because I wanted to prove that I was smart and not a labeled cheater, but I believe I did well because of how my teacher believed in me by giving me a second chance.

After completely understanding God’s grace over us, when we are given a second change we have more of a willingness to do what is pleasing in His eyes and not in our own.

I’ve been reading “Jesus Is” by Judah Smith and it’s been changing my mindset for the better and I just had to share this thought The Lord gave me today.

Thanks for reading.

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